Posted By Karlie on 03/18/20

I’ve always considered myself to be a fairly open-minded guy. I try not to pass judgments or buy into stereotypes, but I’m only human. When my friends would talk about watching webcams I had an image in my head of the type of person that would do that and it wasn’t even remotely appealing to me. 

One day I was asked why I don’t watch them and I shared my opinion, which I had to admit was based on absolutely no facts. After receiving appropriate harassment, I decided to finally see for myself.  I was surprised to find absolutely gorgeous women, nude sexy men, horny couples, and adventurous shemales all doing cams. I started randomly clicking on people so I could get a feel for them and I talked to people from all different walks of life. They do cams for all different reasons, and I’ve never been more ashamed of myself. Webcams offer a much more intimate experience than your typical pre-recorded studio porn and I’m totally digging it. This is my new favorite form of sexual entertainment.

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