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Most of the time an arrogant man is going to be a total asshole. A little cocky can be fun on a date and confidence is always good, but an arrogant guy will pretty much just fuck and use you. That might sound fun, but I am at a point in my life where I want more.

The exception is on cam. I’ve got to admit, I like the arrogant guys performing for me. They know they are hot shit. They own it and they work it. Their shows are usually several times hotter than a less confident or shy guy. Arrogant men do anything they want and often cross the boundaries that others are too self conscious to tread. They are almost always in shape and impeccably groomed too.

I was browsing hot cam gays at and came across JACKPETERSON who boldly declares that he is “the one who will fulfill all your sexual fantasies”. I took a look at his pics and saw his holiday shot and knew this guy was full of himself. That made me want to get him full of me too. He put on a fucking smoking hot show.

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Posted By Karlie on 12/01/18

I’m a straight man, but I love to watch gay porn. I know it sounds weird, but nothing turns me on like watching two hot guys passionately please one another. I’ve never experienced any of these acts personally but I’m yet to find anything more erotic. The way it must feel having another man caress you with his hands and soak you in with his mouth. Being able to visibly see and feel his excitement caused by your seduction. Each kiss becoming more intense and their hunger building.

Other times I want to watch sexy studs take what they want. Barbarically thrusting into one another with an intensity closely resembling anger. No matter what I’m in the mood for I always go to gay porn top list to begin my search. They’ve scoured the net and found the hottest gay porn on the net and arranged it in a user friendly site for easy access. This gives the viewer more time with their hands stroking instead of searching the net.

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