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After I hit 18, my parents couldn’t get me out of their house fast enough. They tolerated me, but knowing I liked boys instead of girls seemed to kill the whole love aspect. They wanted me to succeed, but from a distance so no one in their circle had to know I was gay, and so they’d never have to see me dating a man. They helped me find a college, helped me move, and then our relationship became phone calls around the holidays.

All alone and in need of cash to live, I took up a side gig of fucking for money. I didn’t advertise or anything, but word got around. Gay guys who were already out never paid me because they knew I was totally into it and would do it for free. It was the supposed “straight” guys that would give me money, but I was expected to keep their secret and act straight if anyone happened to see us together. Sometimes it was just a quick blowjob in their car, but there were guys that had me to their place for full fuck sessions. Never overnight though.

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