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There is a huge amount of porn stored in my computer and browsing history. I know all the best sites by heart. I am constantly exploring the sexiest XXX areas of the internet to find content for my personal enjoyment as well as great stuff to post about. I feel it is my duty to inform as many other voracious porn surfers as I can of my terrific finds. Then I visit Big Porn List and feel a bit like a putz. Maybe I was a bit too self important.

Big Porn List has all of the hottest gay porn sites organized into one place and they do it far better than I do. They include lengthy reviews detailing everything each site offers. What really surprised me was that they have a couple sites listed I didn’t even know about and a few that I had forgotten about and was excited to be reminded of their existence.

Their list of gay porn sites is extensive and worth taking a look at. In fact, I’m bookmarking it for my own use now.

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